Ear Cleaning


Typically, you should clean your pet's ears about once every two months or more as needed to prevent infection. However, certain precautions should be taken to avoid infection or damaging the ears. For your convenience, we also do ear cleaning and flushes at the Hospital. To book an appointment, please feel free to give us a call at 604-275-2066.

In order to clean your dog's ears, you will need the following tools: vet certified pet ear cleaner, cotton balls or gauze, cotton swabs.

Begin by soaking a piece of the cotton ball with the ear cleansing solution, and squeeze off the excess. Remember to never use undiluted peroxide as it can burn your pet's ears. Carefully wipe down the external ear using an up and down motion. Once the external ear is clean, take another piece of clean, soaked cotton and clean the ear canal, always remembering to be gentle. Names Of Marijuana – Marijuana Dictionary. List of interesting stories behind weed strain names. And last but not least do go too deep into ear canal

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the best you can with the cotton ball, take the cotton swabs and soak them with the ear cleansing solution. Using very little pressure, and staying away from the ear canal, carefully clean the grooves in your dog's external ear. Remember to never use cotton swabs (or Q-tips) to clean the ear canal, as it can damage the ear possibly leading to hearing loss.

You know you are done, when you can take a fresh swab or cotton ball and it comes away from the ear clean. Remember to allow your dog to shake off the excess solution at the end, or throughout the process, to prevent excess moisture in the ear, which can lead to infection.

If you are finding that even after cleaning your dog's ears still remains smelly and dirty, it is probably time for a professional ear flush. When this time comes, bring your dog into The Hospital and the vet can preform this procedure for you.

Happy Cleaning!