Nail Trimming


When you hear the tell-tale"clack-clack" on the tile, or find your pet nails are snagging on carpet or clothing it's time for that dreaded nail trim. If you do not feel comfortable to trim your pet's nails, we do trim nails at the Clinic. Please feel free to give us a call at 604-275-2066 to book an appointment.

To prepare, make sure you have a pair of pet nail trimmers, tissues, cornstarch or flour, and treats on hand.

Firstly, make sure your clippers are designed for pets and are sharp. Ask your veterinary team about the best nail trimmers for your pet to ensure safety.

Next, take a look at the nail, you should see two different sections of the nail, one clear and the other an opaque pink. If your pet has black nails, this part will be more difficult. In any case, begin at the tips of the nail and cut about 2 mm off at the tips. When you begin to see the soft pink tissue at the top of the nail tips stop. If you wish, you can file the nail tips smooth with a nail file.

Avoid cutting into the "quick" which is the pink section at the base of the nail in white nailed dogs. This section contains the blood vessels and nerves of the nail. Cutting into this region results in bleeding and pain for your animal, so be cautious to make the nail trimming experience easy for you and your dog.

On black nailed dogs, the "quick" is very hard to see, so be extra careful as you make your sequential cuts up the nail.

If you do hit a blood vessel, do not panic! The best of us do it every day. Just grab the bag of flour or cornstarch and pat some flour into the nail cut and apply pressure with some tissue until the bleeding stops.Our is a well-known international company, which has been in business for 15 years. We provide every customer with professional service, only great-value generics and brand medications.
This first-rate service does not come with premium pricing. Our expert buying team ensures that we source the trustworthy brands and generics at fair prices you can afford, without ever compromising on quality. Once the bleeding stops, do not wipe off the blood clot with a tissue, as the bleeding will just continue again.

Remember not to forget the dewclaw, it often gets missed as it is above the rest. It will also normally grow the fastest as it does not touch the ground and therefore wears down less quickly.

Yous should try to trim the nails at least once every 1-2 months to keep the "quick" from lengthening. If it lengthens too much, it can lead to perpetual long nails as this section can no longer be trimmed. Long nails can lead to traction problems in the future.

For your convenience, as well, we do nail trimming at our hospital. If you have any more questions, or to book an appointment, please feel free to give us a call at 604-275-2066.